🍤  Letta Shtohryn

Daily Bread is a duo show by Letta Shtohryn and Margerita Pulè
at a historic windmill in Birkirkara, run by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation.

Letta Shtohryn’s work is a spatial algorithmic-suggestions-trail starting with bread and leading to salt, ritual and politics. It’s a plateau of semiconnected meanings and associations, sprouting to various directions. Her new work looks at metaphorical connotations with daily bread as well as at the ‘thing itself’; bread as a catalyst of revolutions and bread as a tool for political rituals.

The trail starts with the daily bread of internet giants, routinely mined data as markers of our mental state, political preferences and position in society to distribute ads to us, simplifying our complex lives by categorisation. Can the algorithm be the ones to mark a corrupt politician by offering them frequent flyer discounts to Panama?

From corruption to offshore havens, the trail looks at offshore hot spots locally in Malta using the data from offshore leaks site. Many of the hot spots happened to be on Old Bakery street, named after. a bakery of the Knights Hospitaler, with time and neglect the building were once a bakery was hosts dozens of offices now active in offshore schemes. The almost alternative reality of the offshore services after being revealed by the leaks shows a magical world where a single office building invisibly extends to host thousands of companies.

The trail turns to another room where politicians and football stars are placed in awkward situations by forced gifts and unexpected rituals on arrival in Eastern Europe. The rituals are all merged into a pan east European canon with no origin. In the next part of the spatial playlist, the rituals of humans posted on youtube are being gathered and appropriated by a Roomba robot, who can perform spiritual cleansings, as well as humans do, entering its cleaning pattern into a canon of sacred patterns of the future.

Photos : Elisa von Brockdorff


 Ritual Crossover 

 Offshore Bakery 

 (unneighbourly neighbours) 

 Enter the magic realm of global wealth management wizardry. 

Mark DAILY BREAD 1-14 August at The Mill,BKR,MT