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Woman, Holding (2020)

Prints created by algorithms (Installation elements)

The work explored Algorithmic bias and machine vision. The images were created via commercial machine learning services during a machine communication, where a machine learning service would describe my image and another machine learning commercial service would create an image based on the text. 

Images sizes vary between
10x17cm - 13x21cm - 200€/print

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Human Object (2019)

Video stills

Human Object explores what differentiates humans from Artificial Intelligence at this point in AI development. Recently, some Alexa owners have become concerned with her ability to mimic active listening. What other things can AI do that we thought to be ultimately human? Must we continually reconfigure our concept of what is "human" as technology mimics human behaviour increasingly (and unnervingly) accurately? Can an AI hesitate? Can an AI change its mind? In this work I am looking at (post)soviet gym culture, Instagram fitness tutorials and YouTube trainers with perfect bodies, perfect postures and perfect performances. The humans so perfect they are almost non-human, embodying authoritarian militaristic training and discipline in the pursuit of robotic perfection to become an übermensch – a hyperhuman.

Singe channel HD video 02:51 min

Limited edition prints 1/5 - 250 € / 30x17 cm

Algorithmic Oracle (2019)

Video Stills

Algorithmic Oracle attempts to grasp multiple realities at the same time. In this work, I am asking a game algorithm to create a series of what-if scenarios of an event of a house fire, letting the SIMS 3 game algorithm decide how a real-life event could have unfolded. SIMS3 used here as a way to employ a "higher" algorithmic power, an oracle machine. All the players and the set in the video are crafted to fit their real characteristics and looks. The game starts every scenario with three steps controlled by the player. After the action is completed, the game runs scenarios based on its probability algorithm without interference resulting in a multitude of outcomes.

Limited edition prints 1/10 - (30x17 cm)  180€ each

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An Area of Some Importance (2019)

Digital prints on archival paper limited edition 1/10

30 x 55 cm - 250 € / Print
15 x 28 cm - 120 € / Print

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