🍤  Letta Shtohryn


Girðing. Mental Barriers. 
A Safety ritual.

An exploration of the moment when a thread gains solidity and mass via human interaction with it in space. Through the tension the work looks at value of objects.

at SIM Gallery, Reykjavik.
(string, rock, mobile phone)



Continental Thread. An unfinished project.

The performance/installation became a poetic attempt to link together two drifting elements. An inevitable force of separation connected by a feeble thread without any ability to actually pull the drifting entities together rather measure the width of their separateness.

The exchange of thread not unlike the exchange of messages over distance, a separation inevitably is complete, as one can only perform it over a limited amount of time when the result is a history of exchanges and no tangible alteration of the drift. Drift happens whether we resist it or not.

at Thingvellir National Park
(25 m of string, video, performance)


Project supported by Arts Council Malta Cultural Export Grant