🍤  Letta Shtohryn

The Tension of things unsaid

The project is a semi-forensic analysis of psychological tension in celebrity photographs. 
The research spans across cases of sexual harassment, kidnappings and personal encounters (submitted online as a response to my call). The work looks at photographs of people of before one of them was accused/found out of abusing
the other. But also the work looks for imagistic traces of tension on a footballer’s face during a match that he played with a knowledge that his father was abducted at that moment.

The analysis explores a cognitive dissonance between the text and the image and follows the traces of the inner tension that are cemented over with a practiced smile to be photographed with someone with whom one shared a violent history.

The video search for the mental leftovers of the harassment looks into the scene of Transparent season 2 episode 3 filmed just after the leading actor Jeffrey Tambor harassed his co-actress Trace Lysette. The video is juxtaposed with the Lysette’s statement.

The installation creates a tangible presence of intertwined codependencies that interrupt the room is the center of it and simultaneously are such that have unwittingly to be considered when being in the space. Like a personal secret - the undisclosed is a scattered network of interconnected factors having little volume but occupying a large part of a space, whether mental or physical.

(50 m string, Images, Video, 2:20 min, Ikea chair, weathered rock, text)
@Listastofan, Reykjavik, IC (2017)