🍤  Letta Shtohryn


Human Object (2019)

Singe channel HD 1080 video 02:51 min

Entire work (unique) - 1500 €
Limited Edition 1/5 - 400 €

Can an AI hesitate? Can an AI change its mind? This work looks at (post)soviet gym culture, Instagram fitness tutorials and YouTube trainers with perfect bodies, perfect postures and perfect performances. The humans so perfect they are almost non-human, embodying authoritarian militaristic training and discipline in the pursuit of robotic perfection to become an übermensch – a hyperhuman.

Shown @ Object, Objetc, Objecc
@Spazju Kreattiv, MT;
@Very Large Works online pavillion by http://noemata.net/ at The Wrong Biennale ;
@ BIG - BIGGGEST offline pavilion of The Wrong Biennale, Copenhagen, DK

Flawed Object (2019)

(Installation element)
HD video 2:15 min single channel

Full work - 1800 €
Video (Unique) - 500 €

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A broken screen makes visible this mediative device that lies between the machine’s output and our eyes; its failure to act as a transparent window renders this role visible, making us aware of our cognitive immersion into a digital realm. Similarly, damaged glasses remind us that there is a (now flawed) intermediary between us and the visual world. Eye floaters are reminders that our eyes themselves are a sometimes flawed medium through which we experience the world. No visual perception is received in a pure form, we must utilise a number of filters to have a visual experience. This work looks at imperfections in visual transmissions and the subsequently increased visibility of the mediating technology.

Shown @ Object, Objetc, Objecc @Spazju Kreattiv, MT

On embodied computing, smart garments and
data collection.

Shown @ Textile Memory exhibiton in Tetno, Wroclaw, PL ; @ 60 Seconds festival pavilion of The Wrong Biennale, Copenhagen, DK 

futurememory/dataforming.mp4 (2018)

Single channel HD video 1:52 min

Entire work (unique) - 800 €
Limited Edition 1/5 - 220 €

Another (2017)

Sound by Karl Fiorini
Single-channel, HD 1080 - 5:48 min

Entire work (unique) - 1500 €
Limited Edition 1/10 - 200 €

Another explores a metaphorical experience of moving from a home planet occupied by patriarchal forces. It attempts to understand from the reappropriated footage the thoughts and feelings the first women in space Valentina Tereshkova must have had if she were to become a first person on the moon. The footage from moon ladings appropriates the achievement to Valentina, imagining her frolicking around the moon in a  space suit. In this alternative reality, they make enough space suits for women.

Commmisioned for Rhytms of Vision.
Shown @Teatru Manoel, MT ; @DHRA , Spazju Kreattiv, MT; @ Mahalla Art festival, MUZA program, Zabbar FC, MT; 
@ Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétique Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille (FR)

(The work uses open source footage by NASA, ESA, Icelandic TV and Roskosmos)

Now No Longer - Now Not Yet (2016/2019)

Single-channel, HD 1080 - 9:01 min

Sound: Andrew Pace (2019)

Entire work (unique) - 1500 €
Limited Edition 1/10 - 200 €

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The work looks at geological phenomena for methods of presence, at earth time for perspective, at alchemical elements for experiences of mental transformation, at chemistry of rocks for the creation of memory and at tectonic growth for habits of letting go.

Shown @MFA degreen show, Spazju Kreattiv, MT; @ Tenebrous, SIM Gallery, Reykjavik, IC

...|... (2016)

Single-channel, HD 1080 - 01:46 min

Entire work (unique)- 700 €
Limited Edition 1/10 - 120 €

Research on deep time, time past, future and present, simultaneity and visual mediation of all times.